This body of work derives from my near obsession with an aerial view of the world. I fly with my nose pressed to the window. I photograph the land, entranced with the patterns below. I have photographed cities by shooting nothing but cobblestone sidewalks, decorative manhole covers and cigarette-filled heater grates.

coastal waters_9691c 10X20-Edit

So my family was relieved when I returned from a job photographing painters, more excited by their palettes than by their paintings, and began work on this collection. These images were captured and developed over the following 18 months. They are aerials, yes – but they share the saturated colors and abstract design that characterize my other work. These are the grand landscapes of my dreams.

globes yellow cloud2_9686a
yellow cloud
red sky_9681a
red sky
moon lake_9697-Edit
moon lake
gold rainbow_9638h
gold rainbow
three moons

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